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Quality and timeless designs since 1998

Since our creation in 1998, Rushmore has been committed to designing timeless, high quality and accessible clothing for men. Based in Barcelona, our designers aim to create clothing that you can always to rely on by combining premium fabrics, timeless designs and classic fits to men’s basics.

Expertly designed to suit every occasion

Rushmore designs clothing that suits all moments of a man’s life, that can be worn during the week or on the weekend, at work or on holiday, in town or by the sea. We want our clothes to be comfortable and easy to wear, without ever compromising on style and elegance. At first specialised in shirt making, Rushmore is now broadening its clothing offer to polos and jerseys. Our Spanish design team approach every collection with an innovative and creative mind, to create new designs and colourways that always have our signature timeless and elegant feel.

A variety of designs, same fits & quality

Rushmore’s goal is to make clothing as easy as possible, by combining the best weaves, designs and prints with the perfect cuts and fits. Our non iron finish makes our shirts easy to wear and to care for. Our clothing is known for its consistent quality, its variety of original designs and its reliable fits – you can trust Rushmore season after season.

Selecting quality fabrics

We pay particular attention to our fabrics and their composition, to ensure all our clothing meets the highest quality standards and lasts the longest in your wardrobe. Our cotton is 100% sourced from the Better Cotton Initiative ™ partners and our polos and jerseys are made with 100% merino and lambswool.

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Non Iron finish on all our shirts (they're completely hassle-free!)


All our shirts are made with 100% BCI Cotton


Italian and classic collars & different cuff styles


Variety of weaves, designs and prints exclusively designed by our Barcelona based team

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Rushmore supports The Better Cotton Initiative, the world’s largest cotton sustainability programme.

What does it mean? It means that we exclusively source our cotton from farms affiliated with this organization. That way we know the cotton in our shirts is grown responsibly, with sustainable and ethical farming practices which benefit both the farmers and our planet.

What are the BCI's main goals?

Reduce GHG emissions in cotton production and equip farmers to contribute to solutions to the climate crisis

Reduce volume & toxicity of pesticides and improve soil health to increase the environment’s resilience to climate change

Better working & living conditions of farming communities & increase their resilience to climate change and fluctuations in cotton trade

Expand the BCI community to catalyse systemic change to support more sustainable cotton and improve cotton farmers' livelihood